Next Day Shipping

WERNER AIR FREIGHT is strategically located to reach the high population areas of the United States of America, with one day service hubs reaching into the Northeast, mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Tennessee Valley, Washington D.C., Denver, CO, New Orleans, LA, Seattle, WA, Memphis, TN, and Los Angeles, CA.
Without the time burdens of a rigid, “one size fits all” distribution system, we arrange pickup and delivery based on customer need. Our infrastructure is flexible and nimble, and we can more easily accommodate your customers’ special requirements.
75% of our next day shipments are Critical, delivered before 8pm daily. And for business addresses, deliveries arrive when businesses are open, by 6pm.

We easily integrate into your shipping department in demand for your support supply chain initiatives and business rules.

Your Benefits:

• Extended critical pull times
• Accelerated delivery times
• Customized cost-savings
• Residential delivery experts
• Fee-flexible accessorial's
• Easy, Comprehensive Invoicing
• Saturday and Sunday Delivery
• Tracking Cell phones of Drivers
• Custom OS&D and performance reporting
• Flexibility to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions
• Wide range of transportation options
• Fully integrated with your WMS /TMS for end to end visibility
• Central customer service